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    I have had the pleasure of using the services of TM Automotive on numerous occasions, I have found that the service is second to none and the pricing is always very fair. The team are always very friendly and the standard of their work is excellent. I would recommend TM Automotive to anyone looking for a friendly and trustworthy garage.

    Guy Tomlinson

    As a single woman I always worry when I take my car into a garage because I worry about being ripped off. TM Automotive didn't let me down, I I got a good price, excellent service and felt totally at ease. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Ruth Perrelli

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Free wheel alignment on all tyres purchased and fitted by TM Automotive


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TM Automotive are a Sheffield MOT centre on Archer lane near Millhouses Park.
2 Archer Road
South Yorkshire
S8 0JR
United Kingdom

Why should you service your car regularly

Although it may seem like an expense you could do without, servicing your car regularly can save you money in the long run. There are many reasons for this but mainly because a service can uncover problems that could get worse and more expensive if left.
There is a lot of confusion as to how often a car should be serviced.  People get confused as to whether a service should be done after a certain time period or after a certain amount of miles have been accumulated. There is confusion as to whether new cars, or those less than three years old need servicing or even if a car needs servicing by law as with an MOT .

Checking the oil in the service

Although an MOT is essential it is not an alternative to having your vehicle serviced because the Mot serves a different purpose.  A service is not legally necessary but it is highly recommended. The time scale is usually after every 12,000 or once a year - depending on which happens first. A vehicle used for driving in the city or that does more than 12,000 per year should be serviced with a mini service in between full services.
Although it may seem like an unecessary expense as it is not a legal reqeuirement, it really is false economy not to get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis. A car that has been well maintained is more fuel efficient, is safer and much more reliable.  This is because problems that could ordinarily go undetected could be found and mended at an earlier stage, saving you more expensive bills should the fault get worse over time. A regularly serviced car also sells for a higher amount.  This is because people feel that the car has been looked after and will have limited wear and tear on your car. This means the vehicle will hold its value or even add money with more expensive makes.

What does a service include?
There isn't a standard service as such– it varies drastically and can depend on the make and model of your vehicle. Check the vehicle handbook for the recommended servicing requirements.
As a general rule, the service should include the routine lubrication of all working parts, hinges and catches, oil filter change, an oil change, new fuel filter (diesel models), new spark plugs (petrol models), In addition, the garage should also carry out safety checks on ball joints, tyres, steering, suspension, ensure all lights are in good working order, the fan belt tension, fluid level - eg, clutch fluid - are correct and that there are no leaks. The vehicle’s general safety should also be assessed, such as seat belts and wipers.  This is a great way of avoiding any small failing in the vehicles MOT too.
An interim service for those who do a lot of city driving and miles is a lot more basic and generally involves an oil and oil filter change, and new spark plugs or fuel filter.

Choosing the right garage
To ensure your vehicle undergoes a reliable and professional service, ensure that the garage is VAT-registered and that the parts and fluids used are the genuine manufacturer’s products for your car. To avoid misunderstandings with the garage or an unexpectedly high bill, make sure you are very clear with the garage that you do not give prior consent to any additional work that needs to be undertaken. Ask them to contact you in order to receive authorisation if anything extra is needed other than what the service price covers. Ask for a detailed invoice, which includes all parts, labour and VAT.

New cars and warranties
In 2004 the servicing restrictions that restricted consumers into getting their vehicles serviced by garages belonging to the manufacturer’s franchised dealer network the Office of Fair Trading were lifted. This gave owners the freedom to decide where to get their vehicle serviced. However, the service should still be carried out in line with the car manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure you check the warranty as some extensions have conditions, for example there may be a clause stipulating a service at specific mileage intervals and it is always worth following their advice.






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